Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Mid-Atlantic Region



Spectators are welcome, and indeed encouraged. Come out to hear some great music, and meet famous and soon to be famous musicians. While there is a small admission fee of $10, this can be avoided entirely by volunteering and joining our staff! Admission fees are collected at the admission desk, just inside the ballroom doorway of the hotel. We ask that all spectators drop by and pay their admission fees. At the desk you will also be able to pick up a list of competitions and competitors, and also a number of free information flyers about CCE and and other items of interest.

Competitions are held in conference rooms, and in the auditorium. We ask that spectators take a seat, or if none are available (as only occasionally happens), to stand in the back and sides of the room. On those rare occasions where a competition room is clearly overcrowded, we ask that spectators give priority to the need of the competitors and their immediate families, and remove themselves from the room to make space for those who need to be there.

No one may enter or leave a room while a competitor is performing. Each competition room will have a Steward who will close the door during performances. We ask that spectators respect a closed door, and wait until the Steward opens the door before attempting to enteror exit a room.

We ask that spectators consider the needs of the competitors at all times. Please remain silent during competitions, and make everyeffort to avoid creating distractions of any kind.

Audio tape recording is not permitted unless approved in advance by the Fleadh Chairpersons. Each permission is for one individual in one competition. A release must be obtained in advance from anycompetitor to be recorded. No video recording is permitted.


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