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Latest Revised Weekend Schedule by midatlanticcce
April 24, 2014, 9:38 am
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Latest Revised Weekend Schedule

Just a heads up: if you’re looking for the latest revised schedule for the big weekend Comhaltas meeting, look no further!

Click here to download!


Fleadh Volunteers Needed! by midatlanticcce
April 15, 2014, 2:26 pm
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Fleadh Volunteers Needed!

From Rose Flanagan:

Hello Everyone!

I’m writing you all in the hopes that you’ll step forward and lend a hand at this year’s upcoming fleadh/convention.

The fleadh is being held on Saturday and Sunday APRIL 26TH AND 27TH the Parsippany Hilton in Parsippany NJ. The CCE convention is being held simultaneously from Thurs-Sunday

We need 2 volunteers per competition room as well as some volunteers for the office for just a few hours per day. We also need help on Friday if anyone can help monitor the rooms for the workshops at the convention–any parents who are available to help out there while their child is in the workshop would be great!

Please let me know as soon as possible if you’re available and if you have a preference- would you like to help in the office or is there a particular competition you’d like to see? Please let me know what day/time/competition you’d be available to assist us with.

I’m hoping that if you are able to volunteer, that I can use you for the whole day. The hours would be from about 9-2 with breaks in between competitions and for lunch. I’m finding it hard to schedule people around their child’s competition schedule.

Maybe you know someone who would like to help out and hear some great Irish music? or a young adult who may need some community service hours? What an enjoyable way to earn those hours!

Those of you who volunteer receive free admission to the fleadh on that day.

Please contact me at

Convention Hotel Reservation Announcement! by midatlanticcce
April 15, 2014, 1:51 pm
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Announcement RE: CCE North American Convention and Fleadh. April 24-27

From Paul Keating:

“Tom Vesey and I are going to the Hilton Hotel to finalize room reservations tomorrow Wednesday for both the Hilton Hotel and the Hampton Inn next door on the premises. We will try to utilize as many Hilton Hotel rooms as we can get so if you still haven’t made a reservation let us know directly by 1 pm Wednesday and we’ll book  a room.  Also if you doublebooked a room or need to cancel a reservation let us know directly also so we can keep it in the block and not have it go back into open inventory and higher prices.

Also we also need to have your Banquet Reservations in hand this weekend so contact Maureen Hopkins at phone 908-377-1967

Craobh Úll Mór Has a Hot New Website! by midatlanticcce
February 20, 2014, 5:52 pm
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Craobh Úll Mór Has A New Website!

Craobh Úll Mór (“Big Apple”) CCÉ is the New York City Branch of Comhaltas Ceoltoirí Éireann and it has a brand new website!  It are one of the most active in the Mid-Atlantic region and hosts and sponsors activities year-round.  Check out what they’re up to here:

Woodlawn House of Irish Music on TV! by midatlanticcce
January 27, 2014, 10:55 am
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Woodlawn House of Irish Music on Bronx News 12!

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.53.04 AM

Click on the image above to watch the video!

Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection Vol 3 by midatlanticcce
November 11, 2013, 7:16 pm
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Kickstarting the Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection Vol 3

Paddy O’Brien of Saint Paul, “Walking Encyclopedia of Irish Traditional Music,” Launches Project to Help with Vol III. Kickstarter will support recording of 500 more tunes

• • •

Irish traditional button accordion master Paddy O’Brien has just launched a Kickstarter project that will support his continuing effort to record some of the 3,000 tunes he holds in his head.

O’Brien, who doesn’t read music, remembers all these tunes using mnemonic devices like the person who taught it to him or where he learned it. He is now finishing up a year-long apprenticeship program in which he worked with 25 apprentices, to pass on his knowledge and techniques. A concert was held October 4 to honor that accomplishment.

O’Brien has also just celebrated the digital release of the landmark documentary recording project, the Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection, which features the first 1,000 recorded pieces in the vast repertoire of a legendary Irish traditional musician. Over the course of the last 20 years, O’Brien has set about recording a huge number of tunes from his own repertoire, stored entirely in his memory.  For the very first time, the tunes O’Brien has so far recorded are now available for download, either singly or by album. There are also printed books or downloadable texts containing background notes for each volume.

O’Brien currently has about half of the third volume recorded, which will include another 500 tunes. The Kickstarter campaign, which began October 1 and runs through November 30, will help to defray production costs and digitizing for Volume Three. Backers have the opportunity to become a part of history by supporting this extraordinary effort; many of the pledge awards include selections of O’Brien’s music. The Kickstarter project can be found at

Background on the Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection

The Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection is an unprecedented and unique project in the world of Irish traditional music, as the ONLY recorded collection from the repertoire of a single musician. Not since Captain Francis O’Neill of the Chicago Police Department compiled The Music of Ireland in 1903 has a collection of this size and scope been made available to Irish music learners and to the general public. But whereas O’Neill’s collection was written music, O’Brien’s goal in recording these tunes has been to help players who learn in the traditional way, as he has, completely by ear.

As staggering as the first 500 tunes seemed at the time, Volume One of the Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection, released in 1995—containing 400 reels and 100 jigs—only scratched the surface. Volume Two, released in 2011, contained another 500 tunes (150 double jigs, 120 hornpipes, 100 polkas, 100 reels, and 30 slip jigs).

In 2013, O’Brien received a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board to undertake recording ANOTHER 500 tunes from his repertoire, and to teach selections from the Tune Collection to two groups of apprentices. Recordings for the Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection, Volume Three are in progress, and will include unusual jigs and reels, and certain types of tunes O’Brien has yet to document: clan marches, slides, set dances, and harp tunes, among others.

In addition to his remarkable memory, Paddy O’Brien’s special gift is also that of a great ear, not only for variations and interpretation, but for techniques and even notes peculiar to certain regional styles, instruments, and players. His store of lesser-known regional versions of tunes includes three settings of “The Moving Cloud,” four of “Drowsy Maggie,” and three of “The Wild Irishman,” for example. Keeping the learner in mind, the written material also includes historical information, suggested keys, information on technique, and how tunes are arranged into selections. These things are as much a part of the tradition as the tunes themselves, and give the learner a depth of knowledge about Irish music and culture not available from commercial recordings.

Much of O’Brien’s own work as an artist is about finding and bringing greater recognition to some older (and perhaps somewhat obscure) but wonderful traditional tunes. With the Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection, he is helping to pass along the contributions of that older generation of musicians who were his teachers and mentors. This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and

# # #

Paddy O’Brien has also recently released his first book, The Road from Castlebarnagh: Growing Up in Irish Music, a memoir about growing up in Ireland surrounded by family and music. For more information on this concert and other events with Paddy O’Brien and his wife, mystery novelist Erin Hart, see their websites.  •

The Road from Castlebarnagh: Growing Up in Irish Music, a Memoir by Paddy O’Brien

Orpen Press, distributed in the U.S. by DuFour Editions, 300 pages, paper

The Book of Killowen by Erin Hart

Scribner, 352 pages, hardcover, ISBN 978-1-451-634-846, 2013, $26

Panel Discussion and Session for New York Trad Fest! by midatlanticcce
October 9, 2013, 9:45 pm
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Masters of Irish Traditional Music and Dance in New York in the 20th Century
A Session at Lillie’s Union Square

Saturday, October 19th, 1-3pm; 4-7pm.

Dr. Mick Moloney will moderate a fascinating and informative panel discussion about Irish traditional music and dance in New York City, with Tony DeMarco, Brian Holleran, Jerry O’Sullivan and Siobhan Butler.  Panel discussion starts at 1:00pm and runs until 3:00pm.

Glucksman Ireland House, New York University
1 Washington Mews
New York, NY 10003
Tel: (212) 998-3952
Event page:
Admission to this event is free, reservations are recommended but not required.  RSVP by calling 212-998-3950 or by emailing

After the panel, follow the New York Trad Fest up to Lillie’s Union Square for music and camaraderie!  The Lillie’s session runs every week from 4-7pm and on Trad Fest Saturday will feature Matt Mancuso, Cillian Vallely and Daniel Neely.  Lillie’s is an easy ten minute walk from Glucksman Ireland House, features an excellent menu, and has a extensive selection of beer, wine and spirits.  The craic will be mighty!

Lillie’s Union Square
13 E. 17th St. between Union Square Park and 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10003
For directions and menu:

These events are being presented as part of New York Trad Fest, a new festival showcasing the finest in traditional music, dance, and song in New York.   New York Trad Fest will take place on Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20, 2013, will feature local masters of traditional Irish, bluegrass and “old-timey” American music and will culminate in a showcase concert on Saturday the 19th at Connolly’s Klub 45 (121 West 45th Street).  For more information about events and times, visit