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Irish Speakers Get-together at the Fleadh in Parsippany by midatlanticcce
April 14, 2014, 10:34 pm
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Gaeilgeoiri le cheile ag an bhFleadh i bParsippany /
Irish Speakers Get-together at the Fleadh in Parsippany

Dia dhaoibh, a chairde Ghael,

Ta siul agam go mbeidhmid go leir le cheile in bParsippany. Mar sin, beidh deis iontach againn ar bpleana leagiu amach chun an Ghaeilge a dhluth i do gcraobh fhein.

Hopefully, we can all get together at the Fleadh in Parsippany. It’ll present a golden opportunity for us to begin to put some plans in place in an effort to integrate a little Gaeilge into some of the activities at our local branches.

Beidh Rang Gaeilge againn ar An Aoine o 7-8in.,aris, ar An Satharn o 4-5in., nil uimhir an tseomra againn fos. Mar aon leis an rang, beidh taithi TEG (ceacht a haon agus a do) againn, an cursa abhfuil le fail duinn saor in aisce.

I’ll conduct a basic course in Irish on both Friday, 7-8pm &, again, on Saturday, 4-5pm — I’ll also review the Ist & 2nd lessons of the Irish language course, TEG, available to us, at no cost. We’re not certain of the room # yet.

Nil le teastail uait ach do pheann agus phaipear, beidh mise ag deanamh an obair go leir mar ni cuis naire ar teacht le cheile seo — ar aghaigh linn. Cinnte, beidh failte mor ar do smaointai, mar ta siad tabhachtach.

Recognizing that we are all at different levels of proficiency & fluency, be assured that no one will be embarassed during our get-together — you’ll only need to to bring pen & paper, I’ll do everything else, no one will be “put on the spot” — as we begin our journey together. Of course, your input is welcomed, needed & appreciated.

Na dean dearmad ar ar leacht “Glas, Gorm ‘s Liath” (as Gaeilge / Bearla) ar An Satharn (ait eigin, am eigin)
Don’t forget our lecture on “The Irish in the U.S. Civil War” (in Irish & English) on Saturday (the place & time to be announced later)

Tog noimeadin agus teigh go — beidh tu faoi dubh-iontas

To prepare for our get-together, visit — be prepared to be amazed

Le meas,

Micheal 908-507-0777

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